Most of my research work centers on planetary science and the study of exoplanets.

These research interests include the theoretical modeling and study of the surfaces and atmospheres of planets and moons both in and outside our solar system.  Some of the topics I’ve recently worked on include close-in rocky exoplanets, the history of our Moon and what it can tell us about the evolution of the solar system, icy bodies at the edge of our solar system and direct imaging of exoplanets.  You can keep track of my work using the ADS or my researchgate page.

apjlab18fbf4_lrFor information on my work related to what the Moon can tell us about the history of the Sun’s spin, you can visit this press release from NASA and some of the media coverage of our paper.  In that work we were able to place constraints on the Sun’s early rotation rate using lunar compositional constraints.


You can also read about my work related to the influence tidal heating may have in preserving or elongating the existence of liquid water oceans on icy worlds at the edge of the solar system in this NASA press release.  We showed that tidal heating may significantly enlarge internal melting and ocean volume for some Trans Neptunian Objects and may prolong subsurface oceans on some large TNOs.  This was also covered in multiple media sources.