Most of my research interests center on planetary science and the study of exoplanets.

My research interests include the theoretical modeling and study of atmospheres of planets and moons both in and outside our solar system.  In addition to that I also work on projects related to the detection of exoplanets with an emphasis on constraining some of their basic orbital and bulk characteristics.  Some of my work on the observational effects of aspherical solid exoplanets has appeared in the media as has some of our work on Pluto and Charon.  You can also keep track of my work using my ADS listing.

I also spent two years as manager of the GMU Observatory under Director Harold Geller.  In addition to creating and curating a public lecture and observing series I also worked with another student to demonstrate the ability of our observatory to detect exoplanets.  Along with Alex Panka and Dr. Jessica Rosenberg, I led follow up observations at GMU of exoplanet candidates identified by the KELT Survey.

I am always interested in collaborating on exciting new projects so feel free to email me at prabal.saxena at nasa dot gov!  Please contact me if you would like a copy of my CV or resume.